About us

ÉKLOR Aliments proudly presents products designed and prepared by Gestion et Environnement GD, with a sustainable development perspective aiming for “zero waste.” They are all developed for their taste and sensory qualities to satisfy contemporary and innovative cuisine enthusiasts, as well as environmentally conscious consumers.

ÉKLOR offers two product lines, designed and prepared ethically with the utmost respect for our natural resources, all with a focus on sustainable development to meet the needs of both present and future generations.

Feeding the future is valorizing!

Fraises lyophilisées

Our FOOD REVALORIZATION products are made from fruit and vegetable residues derived from primary processing and agricultural surplus; imperfect fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be discarded.

Our ECOLOGICAL CULTIVATION products allow you to discover exquisite foods from our Charlevoix lands, cultivated in an environmentally responsible manner in a forest setting, and certified organic by EcoCert® Canada.