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Welcome to ÉKLOR aliments Website, (hereinafter, the “ÉKLOR”) (hereinafter, the “Website”). By browsing said Website, you agree with the terms and conditions stipulated below (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”). Should you disagree with any such Terms and Conditions, we recommend you leave the Website immediately and refrain from ever using it.


Without limiting the general scope of these Terms and Conditions, any and all visitors of the Website agree to (i) use it in a reasonable and responsible manner, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations (especially when it comes to privacy, non-disclosure, and intellectual property), as well as to (ii) provide ÉKLOR with true, accurate, and up-to-date information.


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It goes without saying that all rights, titles, and interests relating to the Website (whether or not they are explicitly referred to hereunder) are owned by ÉKLOR and no one else. No use of the Website, regardless of nature or scope, will ever bestow any rights, titles, or interests upon you.

Hence, any use of the Website for any unauthorized purposes may amount to a violation of these Terms and Conditions and bring about the filing of civil proceedings against you.


ÉKLOR complies in the most rigorous manner with the laws and regulations of the Parliaments of Canada and Québec pertaining to the protection of privacy and personal information.

Although ÉKLOR may have to collect personal information about you, it will use it for the sole purposes of communicating with you, provide you with the services you have ordered, or submit information that might be of interest to you. No other use of your personal information shall ever be allowed unless you have previously agreed to it. You can also let us know that you do not want to receive any kind of additional information or content.


ÉKLOR issues no representations or warranties or any kind in regards to the accuracy, relevance, or reliability of the information found on its Website, and in no way guarantees that the latter will operate without any glitches, errors, or omissions. None of the content found on the Website shall ever be interpreted or construed as (or assimilated to) legal advice. In fact, ÉKLOR hereby declines any and all liability in connection with the use of its Website.


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ÉKLOR may modify these Terms and Conditions of Use at any given time, at its sole and absolute discretion, and without the need for any prior notice.


The interpretation and fulfilment of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws and regulations in force within the province of Québec, and all disputes arising therefrom shall be entrusted to the exclusive competence and jurisdiction of the civil courts seating within the judicial district of Montréal.